Information about KABBIES

How it works

                             Signup & Approval : How it works

1. Drivers & Operators while signing up should specify their License Type & Licensing Authority

2. Kabbies Crew cross checks their details with the public registers available at the Licensing authority.

3. If all records matches Kabbies Crew approves Users. If further information is needed Kabbies crew will get in touch with the Users.

                                    Profile Listing  : How it works

Operators & Drivers can add a general profile listing explaining as much as possible about them and their services. Try to include details like where you are based , what are the car types you can cover , what is your general mileage rate etc. This would increase the chance of drivers and operators contacting with potential offers.

                                     Availability Listing  : How it works?

Operators & Drivers can create an availability listing when they are going to be available to cover a trip for other operators and drivers. For example if you are going to finish a trip at Heathrow on 01st of January at 22:00 Hrs , then you can add a listing saying you are available to cover a job from Heathrow to so and so place. Again Please add as much detail as possible like car type , expected price , how long you can wait etc.

                                           Trip Listing  : How it works?

Operators & Drivers can create a Trip listing when they want to share or offer a trip with other operators and drivers. This would help you charge  your customers your regular price but in turn offer your trip to others to cover it at a reduced price. This way you make some money and the driver who takes the trip as well makes some money by covering their dead miles. A win - win for both. Though Kabbies platform is capable of taking payments online at this point in time we are not offering this service and we advice the partners to sort out the payment method themselves.